Roswell in the night part 1

Roswell is a beautiful city. Our broad, bright skies bring us remarkable colors from both sunrises and sunsets, and clouds that hover above us like giant ships sailing slowly to the Southeast. But there’s another beauty to behold in our town.

Sometimes when the daylight is shut off, the buildings and other structures get the chance to tell us a bit of their histories.

These pictures are all from the North side of Roswell. I look forward to photographing the South side of town soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’m enjoying bringing them to you.

St Andrews 1

St. Andrews Episcopal Church, at the corner of 5th and Pennsylvania.

City Hall 1

City Hall at night always makes me expect to see Inspector Gordon walking out of the building. Our city hall building was built in the 1930’s and that big rectangle above the doors is a wall of glass blocks. There are a few others on other walls.

Convention Center 2

Convention Center 1 This is the entrance to the Convention Center. The long white and red things on either side of the walkway are concrete displays bearing bricks with the names of donors and in memorium. My mother was memorialized in there. One day I’ll find that brick again and post it here.

Court House 1

The Chaves County Court House is even more impressive from inside! When it was originally built, this was the main entrance. After the recent remodel the entrance is around back. I love how they keep this building up. I also love going to the Farmer’s Markets every Saturday morning on this lawn, during the summer!

DeBremond 1

Debremond Football Stadium, at 11th and Richardson, was built by the WPA during the FDR years. Those rocks and concrete stands could tell a lot of stories! More than a couple of those stories would include me, so I’m just as happy they don’t talk.

Dr Goddard 3

Dr Goddard 1 Dr. Robert H. Goddard, commemorated in Bronze, in front of the Roswell Museum and Art Center. Dr. Goddard moved to Roswell to invent the rocket. His workshop has been recreated inside the RMAC along with a video explaining the history. I’ve always found it interesting that the town known for a UFO crash is also the town where man began his journey into space.

Dr Goddard 2

A closeup of Dr. Goddard’s hand at the controls of one of his rockets. I love the detail! This statue is placed in front of one of his rockets, sitting in its launch frame.


Speaking of Dr. Goddard, this is the Robert H. Goddard Senior High School. I graduated from there in 1982. Those are real rockets standing up in front of the school. It was built in the late 60’s and it doubles as a bomb shelter, so half of the school is underground.

NMMI Rock Garden 2

This is the Rock Garden at the New Mexico Military Institute. My grandfather built it back in the 1920’s. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the trees and shrubs look so eerily majestic that I had to include it.

John Chisum Statue 1

This statue of John Chisum sits in the park across from the court house, and behind city hall.

McDonalds 2

McDonalds 3 Roswell’s downtown McDonald’s is an international landmark. The UFO theme is a hoot! The mural on the neighboring building to the south is fun to explore too!

Old Sinclair Station 1

This is a remodeled Sinclair Gas Station at the corner of 5th and Main. It’s been a tourism center, the hispano chamber of commerce, and I don’t know what all else. It’s empty at the moment. That high pitched roof is a rare sight in Roswell. I’m glad the city takes care of this one.

Planetarium 1

Planetarium 2 How many cities of 50,000 have a Planetarium? Truly our town is blessed. The planetarium has been in place longer than I’ve been alive, helping Roswell’s children and adults discover the excitement of astronomy. And when it’s not being put to its intended use, it can serve in other ways. I thoroughly loved the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Laser Light Show here!Planetarium 3


This is the entrance to the Roswell Museum and Art Center. Home to Robert H. Goddard’s workshop, Harrison Jack Schmitt’s astronaut suit, and art by Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth. That bright orange rectangle at the bottom right of the bridge is a waterfall. I could stand and watch it for hours!


The J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary 401 N. Sycamore

This is where my husband and I took our vows of commitment on March 8, 2009. We got our marriage license and did the formal ceremony on December 20, 2013, the first day it was legal to do so in New Mexico. But as far as we’re concerned, we got married on the bridge at this bird sanctuary in 2009, because our vows are sacred to us and the license was done for legal protections.

I will always love the J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary for that day. It is a beautiful place!

Enjoy the photo-blog.

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